1. Action with a Purpose
What makes a successful social entrepreneur differ from any social entrepreneur is their commitment to purpose, they are generally much more purpose oriented than many others. The purpose to which they adhere to commands every decision they take in their journey.

2. Empathetic
One of the most recognizable thing with any successful social entrepreneur is that they are absolutely empathetic to their stakeholders, much more than we see in other entrepreneurs. They go to the deepest levels of empathy to understand the real pains v/s perceived pain of the beneficiaries.

3. Ears on the Ground
A social entrepreneur cannot succeed unless s/he is constantly aware of the ground realities, since the journey requires one to walk a tight rope of balance between the corporate realities and the charity challenges they cannot afford to look at the value creation from the top-down, they have to see things bottom-up.

4. Making choices
Successful Social Entrepreneurs are masters at making choices, every step in the journey of a social entrepreneur requires them to make a choice and every choice has a very deep consequences. Choices of not just the personal journey’s but choices of what is right and wrong at every decision since they can make or break the purpose of ideas.

5. Audacious
A successful social entrepreneur is the one we always hear about in the society, the reason for which can be attributed to this very powerful quality of being audacious, since every plan of theirs is disruptive to the regular state of affairs unless they believe in their passion so much that they cannot make it infectious they won’t rest. They audacity makes people join their movement to bring the change.

6. Articulation
Any social entrepreneur, whether being an introvert or an extrovert needs to articulate his vision while building their movement. Being articulate here would mean telling the story of their beneficiaries and about themselves in a way the world understands.

7. Risk Taking
Those who have taken unreasonable amounts of risk are the ones who have always succeeded. The risk calculations for a social entrepreneurs are mixed with the data and their gut, which makes them the best people to manage or mitigate risks of running an enterprise.

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