The world can wait!

While I….

Raise funds to make a difference

Attend an event to connect with the rich guy

Run out of the event to catch him while he takes his selfie

Send countless phone calls and emails to ask him to do what he promised

Keep checking my emails every minute

Sit in a meeting planning next steps

Read the news to find out the next terrorist attack…next stampede…next suicide and next tax waiver to a corporate

My government bans another right

One state competes with another for no reason

Have patience when another tribe is wiped from the country

Have patience when another child goes missing

Have patience when another homeless sleeps hungry

…….when another stray is hit by a car

…….when another cop is extorting money

…….when another minister is laughing at us

…….when another film is making 100 crores

Watch a serial of an imperfect world won by a hero

Eat my lunch before the board meeting

Draw one more idea to change the world

Talk to one more partner to collaborate

Pay my bills before the due date

Advise someone

Take an advise

Regret both

Look at the calender

Plan a meeting

Shift a meeting

Take a step forward

Two backwards

Find out of another friends marriage over Facebook

Laugh on another satire video on the marriages, films and protest

Debate with one more retard over their sacrosanct ideology

Run away from one more debate

Ask a colleague to keep his promise

Ask someone not to make any promise

Tell my father the world is falling apart

Tell my mother marriage is not the answer for it

Attend a party of someone planning to change the world

Run away from another party

And another

Refuse to talk to someone who don’t know what to talk

Tell someone not to leave the country

Tell someone not to return to the country

Feel sad about our village

Avoid going to our village because there is nothing I can do

Sit in a car and blame the traffic

Count the work of the day

Prepare for the next day

See Mr.Rustom being cheerful

Try something new

Fear something


Forgive someone

Forget something

Or maybe not..

Sleep with the dream that something will change tomorrow

Maybe not sleep after all

While the world can wait…

Or maybe not..

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